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This web site was built, and is run, by me, one guy in New York City. It is not free to operate. I built the site knowing it could be quite expensive if it took off. But I am focused first on addressing a need with my skillset, worrying about how to pay for it later.

I already have significant legal and accounting costs.

Crucially, Google charges me to use their Maps API, a fee that scales up with usage.

While Amazon AWS has graciously awarded me a credit for the first few months of hosting on their cloud, (thank you Amazon!!), I expect that hostng costs will add up before the end of 2020. Those costs are potentially $200/month USD or more.

For the moment, there are no ads. That means I'm paying for this exclusively out of my own pocket. If you would like to help cover the costs, I'd be most grateful for any amount you can spare, no matter how small.



Thank you!
Rich Brome

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